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I've been charging the Leaf at 3.6kW with the split phase inverter that uses the same board as the AC control/driver board, but until now I was just taking the Solar DC input, and basing the AC output voltage on that. The problem was, under load, there would be more losses after the IGBTs so that even if the bus capacitor said, say, 500vDC, you would PWM that down to get a "340vDC" with which you would generate the 240vAC and 120vAC waveforms, it wouldn't REALLY be 340vDC. It would be a nonlinear function of the AC current.

I just finished populating an AC voltage monitoring board, and mounted it above the other board, and just got it wired, so now I'm about to test the new code, which keeps the 2 120v phase voltages balanced, and also keeps the sum of them equal to 240v.
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