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Originally Posted by ChopStix View Post

More power, smaller size!
Sometimes I still consider to do a similar project, but I would rather get either a Kombi or a 4-door Brasília to fit a V-Twin into. Would also not disconsider to use a liquid-cooled engine sourced from some Japanese motorcycle instead of a Harley-Davidson boat anchor.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I would have guessed some little Beetle-engined econobox from South America; Gogol or whatever.
The Gol had always been front-engined, even the earlier air-cooled BX.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Maybe it's Gurgel? No they were front-engined:

I'm not sure about the BR-800 and its derivatives ever being exported, but anyway, there were some earlier rear-engined Gurgel utility vehicles and also a small coupé, all based on the Beetle driveline. Then came the Carajás SUV still based on Volkswagen mechanical components which was the first front-engined Gurgel, culminating with the BR-800 econobox as a "technological independence" milestone as the late João Augusto Conrado do Amaral Gurgel used to say.

Here's a Gurgel X-12 that I spotted last year near my mom's apartment

Carajás 2-door SWB, it retained the rear-mounted transaxle but the engine was now a front-mounted VW EA827

Gurgel Supermini, a slightly-improved version of the BR-800
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