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It's the internet, people. You don't have to wonder and guess, lol.

Kidding, but I found the relevant post:

Originally Posted by Old Mech
I appreciate the concern, emails, PMs etc. I need to get some things straight in my mind and my usefulness here is fading rapidly. It ends now, I have deleted the emails and PMs. I'm finished with forums for the present and near future. When I read about political crap on the Mirage forum and realized that in spite of almost 6000 total posts, few even understood how important some things were to me I decided it's just time to cut the cord, finish my projects and change course in life.

Some personal stuff combined with run away blood pressure and either the option of medication that makes me dizzy anytime I move quickly and my heart rate will not speed up until I feel like I'm going to pass out.

Today on the Mirage forum I read about "if someone who is not a Democrat gets elected we go abck 50 years as far as emissions regulations " I remember watching on TV as Paul Ryan pushed your grandmother over a cliff and lost it. My response was deleted but the original post remains at this time.

That's it for me, ya'll have a good life. This decision like the one last January 2015 when I quit smoking after 46 years, is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Save the sympathy for someone who needs it, I don't.

To make sure that my request is taken seriously and executed expeditiously, I 'll come back and try to log in. If I succeed I will start deleting my posts here until there are none left. Spare me the energy effort and frustration on top of all the rest of the frustrations that have brought me to this point. It's just self preservation.

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