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Road surfaces (tar snakes) and MPG?

I've been working for years to improve the fuel economy of my 1996 Ford F-150, and under ideal conditions at 55mph, I've managed 30mpg or a little better. But that is under ideal conditions (smooth pavement, calm winds, not raining, etc.)

So I've been thinking of attempting to make the trip from Dallas, TX to Jacksonville Beach, FL, without stopping to refuel. I think it just might be possible, but I'm weighing some different driving conditions and strategies to improve my odds.

So my simple question is for your best guess: How much do tar snakes cost?

Any suspension motion, anything that doesn't make the vehicle go forward, erodes fuel economy.

If you're driving 55, you're going to be in the in the slow lane which generally has a rougher surface than the "passing" lane.

If you could drive in the dark of night, when almost no one was on the road, and therefore not represent a "hazard to navigation" in the left lane, would you gain more in fuel economy or lose it, having to run headlamps and push thru the cooler / heavier / denser night air.

Of course there's also the possibility that you wouldn't need the A/C at night vs day. Lots of factors.

Your thoughts appreciated.

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