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When you fill up your (gently used with under 2000 miles) Zen-N 50 cc scooter and constantly despair that:

1) You keep missing the fuel line that you drew inside the tank by +/_ 1mm

2) That modern fuel pumps pump too fast for accurate delivery to a 1.2 gallon tank

3)That they don't make aftermarket vacuum gauges for scooters,forcing you to fall back upon pen-and-paper data collection

4) That it is probably impossible to routinely get between 125-130MPG on an unmodified, carburated, non-aerodynamic scooter while averaging 40MPH (and including regular climbs of 15 degree bridges and 20-25 MPH headwinds) and gritting your teeth because Mr. Calculator keeps telling you that is exactly what you are getting!

I'm guessing that three or four tiny inacurracies at the pump (such as the dials at each pump I use and my lack of perfect fill line)are inflating my figures and that if I can catch them all I will end up with a more realistic 115 MPG at most.

What a horrible problem to have, right?
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