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Sadly, Chorizo will not live forever, and it will be easier to find a Prius than another HX. The hybrid would return better fuel economy, but I am not sure how the battery pack maintenance would compare with $400 oxygen sensors. On the one hand, you have a car that makes some use of the speed I need to shed driving down big hills, on the other hand, my current car gets better fuel economy at 65 MPH than 55. That is awesome!

I was surprised the Prius c got worse fuel economy than the larger Prii, but still much better than the Fusion, which looks much better. I think the Prius would look better with coroplast on it!

The Fusion is 16.7" longer than Chorizo, 5.8" wider, 3.9" higher, and while 52% heavier, yet still gets 24% better fuel economy!

According to, four users average 41.7 MPG in the Fusion and seven drivers average 38.5 in Civic HXes (7.7% less), but it just seems wasteful to drive such a large vehicle by myself 99% of the time.

In theory, if a Fiesta hybrid weighed as much as my Civic (34% less), it would get 62 MPG.

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