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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr
Not so sure about EVs going mainstream so soon at all, but when we look at Tesla and the way it makes them look quite attractive it doesn't seem so unlikely that they're retaining some support from the geeks with deep pockets.
Which countries have plans for all new cars to be electric, and when?

Norway, The Netherlands, then Germany.

The country with the most ambitious electric-car goal, though, may be India.

Rather than simply ending sales of new internal-combustion cars, India's government wants to make all cars in the country electric by 2030.

This would hinge on an incentive program that would allow people to buy electric cars very cheaply.
OTOH, once the Artificially Intelligent flocking software and batteries are up to the task, flying cars will mean the end of all that wear of rubber against concrete. And brake dust in the air.
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