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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
The interconnected grid is complex and a PITA to control.

There is a reason that the power company gives you so little for excess generation onto the grid, besides the fact that they are *EVIL* ... the power generation is only part of the cost. And it is not even the largest cost.
Not really a PITA to control. The more interconnections, the more resilient it is. Deciding what the most cost effective operations strategy is; what units to run, what to ramp down, etc is all in a days work for power companies.

As far as excess generation; there is no such thing. Electricity is made/consumed at the same time. Units are designed to follow the loads as they ramp up each day.

Canada exports over 100,000 megawatt hours a week to the US. Hydro is cleaner and cheaper so we will buy as much as makes sense to.


Another great site to see the grid in action and how solar, wind and geothermal play a role is California ISO - Todays Outlook

CAISO even has an app you can download to monitor it on your phone. Yes, I'm a power/energy nerd.
My background is in power.

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