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Originally Posted by KingsX View Post
What is meant by "jumper from 30"?

Do I need a three pin switch or just two... and does it need to be rated at 30 amps or will a small one do since there's a relay?
At 30 you can hook a small second wire in with the main wire from the fuse block, does not have to be a large wire at all. It is for the "control" side of relay very low amperage.

The switch can be a very tiny 2 post 1 side to ground and 1 to the relay.

Relays hardly draw anything amperage wise on the control side of it, that is the reason for relays. Large capacity with low current switches.

I can possibly get a close up picture for you of the relay how I did it, if this does not clear it up for you.

And Welcome to Ecomodders.
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