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Originally Posted by skybolt View Post
Adafruit shield working great, at least with debug readings. LCD init isn't an issue if LCD is powered from 7805, which works well. Warning: Do NOT use 12v input for Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v (even though the onboard voltage regulator clearly states 12v is acceptable). Fried many boards (regulator KB33).

Cannot compile 20170210 code, with #define useDebugReadings true enabled and #define useAdafruitRGBLCDmodule true enabled. (Your lines may vary as I added some LED blinking code to the JSON function so I could tell when the Arduino was active). Tried disabling #define useBufferedLCD true and #define useTWILCD true (in both locations including the define embedded in ifdef Adafruit ...).

I believe it's tied to your DevLCD code, which appears to be a placeholder for LCD code under development (like Adafruit!)
I just downloaded and attempted to compile the 20170210 code, with useDebugReadings and useAdafruitRGBLCDmodule enabled. It compiled successfully.

Can you upload here what you have?
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