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Originally Posted by ChopStix View Post
Lipo packs have to use a charge controller for numerous safety reasons, so the max amount of charge put back in the pack is based on whatever that charge controller outputs. There's no way without a lot of measuring to simply know that, unless the factory advertises the engineering specs somewhere, which I doubt they do. Otherwise your logic is sound, but its not an easily answered question without knowing all the details of the system that you are driving.
Well, I've been thinking about it. I've got a hunch that the amount of power that can be used for regeneration is probably similar to or a little bit less than the amount of power that can be discharged by the electric motors. The car's a 2011 toyota highlander hybrid and the motors are 26kw (I think) total. The curb weight is 2,105 kg. Will think more about this later.

edit: unsure of specs on motors;

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