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Line 276, I didn't have a board set --- needed to uncomment #define useLegacyBoard true, then it compiles without having debugReadings true. But, then the Adafruit LCD now longer shows any output, just 1 line of black boxes. If I take back out useLegacyBoard and put back in useDebugReadings, the Adafruit LCD works again.

legacyboard = true + useAdafruit + debugReadings false = no display

Nothing set for board (all four board lines around 276 commented out) + useDebugReadings + useAdafruitLCD works, but only with debug readings.

Nothing set for board + useAdafruitLCD + debugReadings commented out = won't compile.

UseLegacyBoard + UseClassicLCD (sic) + debugReadings commented out = compiles and sends readings to the Pi (though possibly inaccurate readings, but that could be my 3.3v zener diodes)

Note: using an 8MHz Pro Mini, with board set to "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini". Arduino 1.8.1, with fairly recent bot not completely recent board definitions. (Last time I updated boards in Feb, lots of things broke).
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