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Great! Thanks - it tcompiles and I will test it in-vehicle shortly. I expect the instrument readings to be the same as using legacy code (which is giving me anomalous results, but again that is likely tied to the lower voltage zener diodes).

(Note: LCD is monochrome without bg color option - oh the tragedy of 1st world problems) ERROR - scratch that, LCD parameter was set to 99, from the old CONTRAST location. LCD color works great.

current settings and behavior:

//#define useLegacyBoard true

#define useAdafruitRGBLCDmodule true
cut code snipped from 576 and moved it to the new 607 (shifted 4 lines down from 612 after the cut from 576). Tried a few things (commented out 576, added it to 607, etc. - behavior seems consistent.
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