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They're basically "cold weather" lifepo4's.

You can't charge a LiFePO4 below freezing, or you'll "plate" the anode or cathode and loose 20% of your capacity, IIRC. These have a Mn plating on them to prevent that, from what I read. However it works, it allows you to charge/use them down to -20c. You'll see that in the specifications on that web page you listed.

If you want to do winter driving without using a battery warmer, these are the way to go. They're notably heavier, mind you. 20% or so, for the same capacity. If it almost never gets below freezing, there's not much point to spending the extra or carrying the extra weight.

The can take a slightly higher end-charge voltage, otherwise they operate the same as LifePO4. 3.8v instead of 3.65v.

(I looked in to these when someone was selling a used set locally, but they were too damned BIG for my use. And he was asking too much for them).

PS: take this with a grain of salt, as I'm pulling this info out of 3-month old memories and not checking my facts.
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