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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Air-cooled rules! Water-cooled drools!
I like air-cooled engines because they're simple, even though water-cooling makes it easier to manage the temperature and stabilize idling.

Subbies are the go-to, because you can get overhead cams in a boxer.
I don't really care about overhead cams, actually I could even be tempted to try a flathead

The air-cooled contingent is embarrassed by the 72 V-twin Hardly-Ableson. Here's a Motoguzzi:

I still consider a motorcycle engine swap as a viable alternative for an old Volkswagen, or even for a newer car such as a Subaru. Even though Harley-Davidson engines are not so great at all, mounting one that way to fit into a car might actually lead to a more homogeneous cooling (as long as there is an electric fan to keep the air flow when the car is stopped or in slow traffic). Moto Guzzi is cool, but not officially available in my country.
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