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Hi t vago. Just wanna ask silly question here. I have built the MPGuino based on DCB (metric version, arduino uno) for my car like 5-6 years ago and i have completely lost at the current software development.

Now, i want to build one for my motorcycle (Ninja 250 or Ninja 300 in US).
For this build, i want to use Arduino Nano v3 atmega328p + I2C serial interface for the LCD 16x2 or 20x4. Is it compatible with your version? I'm gonna build it based on schematic found in here:

Thank you in advance. Sorry to ask this silly question, but had read from first to the last page, and still confused

Would be great if you could put your schematic in this thread to help others (like me) who wants to be build new one with the latest software but didn't know if your version is compatible with the schematic above or not

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