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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Still, 15 MPG at 65 MPH is not great for a diesel. Is this really what these trucks are getting? I don't think I've ever had a tank get less than 16 MPG.
14 MPG seems to be a "real world" consensus for the 6.7L diesel 2500 (not just highway). It's pretty easy to keep 14 with no load and significant highway miles. 17 highway (EPA says I think). Remember this is on a 2012, they're getting better every model year (16 on the 2016). I've never got that high even on short stretches under ideal conditions. Maybe at 100 degrees with a tailwind lol. BTW I've cruised the net and Cummins 67.L should be run at 1500-1600 RPM for best economy. Now if I could only keep that through acceleration up to cruising speed lol.

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