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Originally Posted by Fingie View Post
I honestly think we could just remove the car taxes, and tax fuels instead.
Be careful what you wish for or you might end up with both, like we have. (They want to add mandatory GPS loggers to tax "by the kilometer" on top, because apparently fuel tax only goes so far until people start going to other countries to refuel more cheaply.)

Oh, and its also illegal to drive on much lower taxed foreign plates if you're not a foreign national. Because why puhish foreigners when you can punish your own subjects first and foremost.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
You mean to tell us you paid all that money as some kind of penance towards global warming, got nothing in return and you don't feel better about your self?
Hah, thats one way to look at it. Honestly though, I'd rather have some tax reduction, I could save that money and buy an electric car.

Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
other problems don't allow government to come in and take away more freedom.
'Terrorism' and child predators are good candidates too for getting rid of privacy and freedom too.

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
What isn't taken into account is cost - where I live, 33.7kwh of electricity costs about $6, while a gallon of gas only costs about $2.30. Since I can reliably get 70mpg tanks in my Insight, an EV would need to get 2.5x that, or 175MPGe to break even in cost per mile, not taking oil changes and other maintenance into account.
Where I live 33.7kw costs about the same as a gallon of gasoline, at about $7.
This is mostly due to government putting tax on fuel, supposedly to discourage wasting but mostly to punish people for having a job.

On top of that, electric cars are currently road-tax exempt at least until 2020, where fossil powered cars pay anywhere from $20 to hundreds a month to be allowed on the road, based on weight and fuel type. Especially diesel cars, which are taxed 2.5~3x as high as gasoline cars are hit hard.

All in all, we're about at the tipping point, and a lot of electric cars are already in use by those who can afford to buy one..


On the other end of the scale is Norway, pretty much the only European country that has higher fuel prices than we do, lower electricity prices due to hydro power, and a subsidy program on electric cars, and it shows in their sales statistics. (30% of new cars in 2016 was electric, gov't goal is to have 100% of new car sales electric by like 2020-something, I'd have to look it up.)

They have a much higher income standard though, makes those expensive electric cars (also, the pricy gasoline) a lot more affordable..
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