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Eco modding an RSX

I've been considering getting a new car for work.

My requirements are......

Good mpg, hatchback, pleasant to be in for long stretches, reliable, fun

I have been looking an insights, G1 and 2. Both have mileage covered, but my concern is they are both very light and I might eventually hate being in the thing for upwards of 8 to 10 hours a day.

I recently have been looking at RSXes. Yeah, the mileage ain't anything to write home about as they are rather short geared, but I was wondering if with a few mods, grill block, taller tires, WAI, would it be possible to at least get into the mid 30s? I also read that the K motor is happy with lean burn.

Does anyone know if it can have a higher top gear installed? This engine is known to have pretty good low/mid range torque. Seems kind of silly to have it spinning 3k at 65 mph.

I would like to hear from anyone that has one. Oh and it must be a 5-6 speed.

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