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Turtle ME_Andy's fleet

Figured it's time to start my own thread.

The Leaf we got used for a song just got its first serious mod... A ceramic tint, since temps are getting higher and higher. I figure the $300 will pay for itself eventually, in battery protection. They say it rejects 73%of solar energy.

The Cruze is at 42,000 miles and still driving like new. In fact, an Estonian asked me if it is an electric because it's apparently much quieter than the jalopies he's used to. Its mod are:
Spare delete
Partial grill block
Underbody shield

Eventually I'll put in a lithium battery of some type. I'm also interested in LED headlights and long oil change intervals. An interesting observation... I haven't rotated the tires in about 12k miles, and I noticed the rears are wearing faster. I'm hoping these original tires last 60k.


2024 Chevy Bolt

2015 Nissan Leaf S, 164 mpge

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