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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
SIDE NOTE: If you own a G1 and you have a cracked lower engine mount and you don't want to spend $100 on a new one just yet, maybe you can use this stuff to temporarily fix it. I've seen people do urethane before and it went bad because they used way too hard of a compound. This stuff, even after curing, seems to remain somewhat flexible. If someone wants to do an experiment with repairing their lower mount this material could be a good candidate.
You can, and it'll work really well! But... it adds a lot of vibration! Factory rubber with some airgaps is better for isolating, no doubt. I've also used hot glue on motor mounts, too Same results, but doesn't last as long.

I did, however, take a brand new engine mount, build a template for it (out of some MDF) and now have the jig so repair my old mount. Kind of a future project, if I ever decided I wanted to play with some mount refurbishing at home.
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