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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Another reason for the oil immersion heater is about this time last year it was about 0F. I cranked up my 7.4L and it was knocking really bad. Before I fired it up I had ran the 5,500w coolant heater for the normal amount of time, then continued to run it for about 5 minutes. Because I thought it might be air in the lifters. After it didn't go away I figured it could be a rod bearing.
A few days later when it was 40F I went to fire it up to trouble shoot the knock and it was gone.
It was a collapsed lifter that was full of air.

Later when I tore the engine apart I found an air bleeding lifter oil galley plug had been clogged up with a chunk of oil sludge. So the air could only escape from the lifter oil galley when it was some what mild out.

So cold oil does you no favors.
Cold oil , does not pump , flow or lubricate properly . And it does not have to be all that cold .

From what I read , the majority of engine wear happens the the engine first starts and then until the oil warms up enough to function correctly .

God bless
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