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Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo configuration, It Works Great!

I have the speed pulse set to 16,404 and on a ten mile drive I can't see a difference between the MPGuinio and the odometer on the car. It has 450cc injectors and is a sequential injected 2.0litre engine turbocharged. I've tried to figure the microsec for the 450cc and get the mileage numbers displayed to somewhat resemble what I've been getting for mileage on this car. Right now I have it set at 128,424,660. If anyone could figure this and see what it should be I would appreciate it. I built the MPGuinio and got it to program and it works great and I've been trying all afternoon to figure out what the correct number will be. Duh, Full Moon I guess!

I built a Freeduinio and used the blue display with the version 070 code. The backlight times out perfectly. I put the display in a Radio Shack 4x2x1 box and used the tactile switches with the little post sticking up (pn 275-003) so that they stick up on the top of the display box. I put the Freduinio and the small circuit board for the input circuits in small plastic boxes and put them in the dash under the steering column.

Many, Many thanks to you guys who worked this out to where it could be built by virtually anyone. I printed out the entire thread and hauled it around with me for days reading and re-reading exactly what you fellows did.

Mark Riley

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