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Originally Posted by Tulok View Post
I know this is an old thread, but I mixed in 1 gallon of diesel in my 20 gallon tank of my 1999 Infiniti Q45 and saw no change in fuel economy in heavy city driving.

I also mixed in 4 gallons in my 40 gallon tank in my suburban while towing a 1400 mile trip and I saw no change in mileage. I am going to try mixing more diesel into the suburban on future non-towing trips after I have done a few eco-mods because I do think that lindsay jim may be on to something.

I am more interested in mixing waste motor oil or ATF with gas to reduce waste.

In one situation, before I was familiar with my unreliable fuel gauge, I ran out of gas about 8 miles away from a gas station!

All I had was 1.5 quarts of new engine oil so I dumped it in the tank, and fired up the engine on fumes and drove to the gas station. It was smoking out the tailpipe but not as bad as i would have thought. I'm sure that it mixed with the gas at the bottom of the tank, so it wasn't PURE OIL.

This was on a TBI fuel injected setup so the injectors have a high flow rate and aren't easily clogged like smaller MPFI injectors.

I know another thread resurrection from me, but a friend used to mix used engine oil with a solvent. Once mixed, over time, the particulates in the engine oil would settle out. (He was not using it as a fuel). So maybe pre mixing your used oil with gasoline and letting the particulates settle our may be a good idea (or acetone) if you decide to go that toute.
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