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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Congrats on the iMiev! I've had my eye on them for a while and its quite possible one will eventually take the place of the Insight. Just waiting for the right deal to roll along. Lucky you though! I'd love to hear more about it and if there are any mods you plan on doing.

Thank you! Well,it was not really a lucky thing. There were cheaper ones to be found listed for sale but all at a great distance from me.

I also did not want a dark colored one. White or silver is good in FL.
I think there were only 3 to be found in FL but I ended up paying $250 to transfer this one down from Georgia. (got it through Carmax)

I will probably not go crazy with mods but it might get a front air intake block. (90%-ish)
It has two coolant systems. One in the front for the heater with it's own reservoir and one in the back for the motor,controller,charger maybe? With it's own separate reservoir. The radiator is up front so a little airflow might be a good idea.
When plugged in to charge,it immediately turns on the battery blower fan for a couple of seconds to test, then after that during charging I can hear a coolant pump coming on periodically for a few seconds.
I guess the charger must be liquid cooled? I'm still learning about this thing.

Originally Posted by jray3 View Post
Congrats on your i-MiEV! You are now in on the secret of this wonderful little car. I just passed 70,000 miles on my 2nd i-MiEV, a 2012 premium edition that I upgraded to after a base model without DC Fast Charging. You'll notice that compared to any LEAF, new or old, battery degradation is a non-issue (I still have 10% greater than original rated range.)

Next time you have a load to haul, leave the truck and the trailer at home. Besides those concrete bags, you could fit two 55 gallon barrels in the back, a 50" TV, or most adult bicycles (front wheel removed).

Too much about this car to stuff in one post, so be sure to visit the Mitsubishi I-Miev Forum – | Mitsubishi I Forum and Electric Car News forum


PS- Its par for the course that your dealership hasn't maintained its charging stations... Mitsu has been EVen worse than Nissan in that regard.
Thanks Jay! I think the range estimate on the display depends on how it was driven before it got parked to charge it. If I abort the charging with two segments missing from full,mine will still show 70+ miles RR.

I walked up to a LEAF on a lot to take a peek and when I looked through the drivers window and saw the shifter being a little electronic looking joystick I kinda got turned off thinking this thing is not going to let me be in control.
Could be wrong about it but then I knew I want the i-miev.

Thanks for the links!

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