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You guys are brilliant. I may have skipped a few pages but some of the ideas here are top notch. Cruise control systems are terrible. Gas chugging system. Too many people say a well trained foot can't beat cruise control on the highway. I rarely use cruse since I work nights and making my foot work helps keep me awake...seeing numbers below 50 mpg also raises my blood pressure lol below 40 and wide awake.
Kind of wish I had one of my beaters now instead of my Cruze...first car I paid over 10k for. Would have been willing to tamper a lot of things on my 91 Cherokee(22 mpg) or my 02 Saturn(40+mpg already at 19 years old)

Anyways keep up the good work guys look forward to this becoming a standard and several of you making millions off of your ideas...big oil will probably screw you but that's how life is. If everyone actually cared for the environment these sort of systems would already be in place. Vehicle stated for 40 mpg highway should be able to lock in at that mpg in my opinion. 3 lane highways are beneficial to our hypermiling techniques if people know how to drive them as well.
End ranting lol good day/night
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