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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I drain the 2.5 gallons of oil from my truck into a clean oil pan, and then pour it directly into the fuel tank to mix with the other 30 gallons of fuel.

The oil has been filtered thousands of times through the oil filter, and then there is the fuel filter before it goes to my injectors. The fuel filter alone should keep any particles large enough to clog an injector from reaching them.

Oil filters aren't that good for tiny particles compared to a fuel filter.

Not that you'll notice any fuel filter clogging on that amount of oil in the normal lifetime of a diesel filter.

my friends shop run a forklift on a heavy mix of diesel and waste oils, they have to clean it pretty often

but it's still cheaper

i've ran old 2-stroke gas (15% of total fuel) in my wagon, because it wouldn't run in a weedwhacker. Didn't notice anything
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