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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
I'll check the arrangement of my board when I get home on Monday evening ... or would you rather that I just post what I have and you can try it?

I don't know how to update the wiki either, or how to do the forks for the different source and firmware for the various versions of the hardware. I am happy to post/update if someone is more familiar and wants to do a bit of a tutorial
Thanks thingstodo! I found the version that works with this motor. It's strange, the newer FW version seems to just make lots of noise and then trip the overcurrent.

I'm considering getting the newer board (SMT) so I can use that as the main traction motor controller, then couple the shafts with the old one and use it as a regen / dyno. If I measure the amount of power going into the battery pack, I should be able to 'guestimate' the power output of the unit. This all hinges on how much brake torque the regen can generate.

Worst case scenario I have a prius IPM motor that I can rectify and variably load dissipate since it doesn't really require a controller to regen.

I also wanted to play with the IPM motors as traction motors. I didn't see resolver the encoder boards for sale. Anybody know if these are still available?

Anyways lots of different ideas to tinker with.

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