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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by AlexanderB View Post
Talking about forcing to buy new cars, I 'had' to get rid of my mid 90's, 50+ mpg diesel econobox because the gov't decided that "old" diesel cars are bad. The replacement is a solid 25 mpg landbarge, but at least LPG is cheap and clean-burning, so I guess thats what they wanted?
Banning those old-school Diesels with indirect injection sounds pointless to me. Allowing them to run on veg oils (either waste from cooking, or from crops cultivated in brownfields to rationalize the usage of arable land) sounds more effective to me not just as a matter of ecology but also for the sake of energy safety since it would be less prone to the fluctuations on petroleum-based fuels costs. But you know, the European Union became quite overpowered and is pushing for a self-destructing agenda.
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