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As I said before, top off the tank created an illusion of great mpg of half tank. 3/4 tank runs 360miles and light on 410 miles (before reaching the last mark). The third quarter has bad mpg since running to the top of mountain and many stops in Berkeley. Finally, I run 453.9 miles before fill up the tank. Of course, break my own record as predicted. I believe next tank will come back to normal.

I tried running 70mph today. Only show 32 to 35 mpg. I need 28tps to maintain the speed. To get 40+mpg, only need 20-22tps. Maintaining 50mph in uphill, I need 25 to 28tps. So, you can tell running 70mph in flat road needs more power than running uphill @ 50mph. To maintain 40+mpg, 65mph and 70mph only happen in downhill. Faster than that, I will get less mpg. I have to slow down little bit (use less gas) to achieve the highest mpg. Of course, when going down a long, deep slope, I will put in neutral to get >300mpg.

As we all know, xB has poor air dynamic. Aero mod is the only way to improve highway fuel efficiency. I hope I can run like 65mph or 70mph with 40+mpg. After changing the shock, I will plan for belly pan.
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