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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The lower the watts per mile go the slower you travel and the less car like the vehicle becomes.
If the car is more efficient, then you can travel as fast as you need to, and still use less energy.

The vehicle C. Michael Lewis used to go at over 55MPH only consumed ~15.3Wh/mile. And the Edison2 Very Light Car Electric can carry 4 people at ~55MPH and still be under 100Wh/mile. With a DC motor - so with an AC motor and good control electronics, it is quite conceivable to go faster, and still get excellent efficiency.

The Lina is achieving about 295MPGe and it can drive up to 50MPH. With higher voltage batteries, it could go faster, and I am sure the battery capacity could be increased, so longer range and/or higher speeds are quite doable.
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