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Hello from Belgium!!

Hi, my name is Jens and I live in Aalst, which is in Belgium. I'm just 18 years
young and I do not have my full drivers licence (I have to pass my test first).
Couple of months ago I bought my first car! It's a 1994 Suzuki Swift 1.0 3 banger

I'm not really hypermiling atm because i'm still learning how to drive, but I did
get to an average of 42 MPG (I do NOT drive on the highway) which I think
is pretty good since I'm learning to drive, and since I'm not REALLY watching my driving style.
Couple of days ago I did my first 'mod'. I made my original CAI into a WAI by
removing the middle tube

The next thing I'm planning to do is making an air-dam, blocking the grill between the headlights.
Will this modification make any diffrence in my FE?

Greetings from Belgium

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