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The largest gas mileage improvement by far is from adjusting your driving habits based on feedback. The most important feedback is trip mileage for each trip. This typically is from a Scangauge or Ultragauge.

Observe how accelerating at different rates (stomp on it vs normal acceleration vs drive like a grandma) affects trip mileage. Observe the effect of headwinds, tailwinds, rain, snow, temperature, timing lights, timing stop signs, etc. Learn about and use DWB and DWL. Learn about the relationship between speed, gas mileage, and trip time.

How do you time a stop sign? By adjusting your speed (without using the brakes) so that you arrive just as the car in front is leaving. Then you only stop once and do not waste gas idling.

If that grille is as open as it looks, a grille block would be the next thing to try. But only after mastering the above.
The vacuum gauge plus wheel covers helped increase summer 2015 mileage to 38.5 MPG, while summer 2016 mileage was 38.6 MPG without the wheel covers. Drove 33,021 miles 2016-2018 at 35.00 MPG.
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