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Thanks, but only 4 injectors on 2 litre

There are only 4 injectors on the 2 litre 4G63 engine. If the number for 6 is 84120262 then that would make 4 come out at 126180393 I think. I have 128424660 in it now. A slightly smaller number will make it show less mpg than it currently is showing. I think that will be closer to what I have been getting, around town in the low 20's and on the highway between 70-85 in the 35-36 mpg range.

I don't know if I was being diplexic yesterday or what. I couldn't come up with anything even close to correct numbers. Even with it not reading correctly, I can see that I haven't been driving "right" around town. I'll have to make some aero changes to see if I can't pickup the highway numbers.
Last Friday I drove down to a shop in Charlotte to tune a Honda and did the 89 miles in 84 minutes. Drove a few miles in Charlotte at 35-45 and then came back to my shop. The return trip starting at 4:00 pm took almost 2 hours. Checked mileage on that tank and it did 35.2 for the trip. 194 miles and 5.51 gallons. Now with the MPGuinio on it I should do a little better.

I'm not to worried or concerned about it giving me the "exactly perfect" number as it still comes down to the long term numbers from filling it at the pump time after time. What I'm seeing is a fantastic device to let me, help me, adjust the way I drive to allow myself to increase my gas mileage. I think it would allow you to see the differences from "aero" changes easier and quicker than having to drive it for a few weeks to see if it made a difference.

Many Thanks, I'll give it a try in a few minutes

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