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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Get rid of all regulations and we will have affordable 70+ mpg cars within a year. Elio wasn't doing 3 wheels to try and save money, they were doing 3 wheels to try and skirt SOME of the regulations. Eliminate the regulations and Mitsubishi could sell a simplified Mirage for Elio's targets next year. Give them more time knowing there are no emissions or safety mandatory levels and they could do even better.
I'd not hold my breath for emission regulations to be entirely phased out, but hey, since motorcycles are inherently unsafe but are still road-legal, it sounds reasonable to at least give some choice for penny-pinchers who would be OK trading some safety features for fuel-savings. A good example are the commercial vehicles, look at those forward-control vans that are still road-legal nearly everywhere else but are not compliant to NHTSA standards even though they could lead to savings for commercial operators throughout the U.S.A. and its overseas territories, or those JDM Kei cars that could have been great for some folks who live in densely-populated metropolitan areas and just need something with better accomodations than a small motorcycle or a scooter.
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