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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I could be misunderstanding the specifications I found online. I am new to all of this. But I understood the max no load limit of 1000 rpms on QS Motors' products to mean not only that that's the maximum rpm it hits without any load on it but also that to exceed that in speed would damage the motor. Newbie mistake?

6000W V3 Electric Car Hub Motor(273 Model) -
I would interpret the "1000 rpm max" to be the free run speed of the motor at 72 volts (rated voltage), not the max rpm that the motor can be spun up to without power. It's max safe rpm is probably a lot higher. It says it can be run at 144 volts which would double the rpm right there. there is still the issue of the anemic torque output though which would limit its use in a car unless you were going to fit 4 of them.

On the other hand, that NSK motor looks like it would be pretty cool and might work really well if you were rich enough to afford a couple.

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