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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I'm talking brand new car with warranty from a major manufacturer.
It was affordable when it was new, for those silly enough to buy new cars. FTM, most of the crap that makes me not want to have a new(er) car has nothing to do with regulations. "Infotainment" systems, push-button start/stop, electronic remote keys... AFAIK no regulation requires any of that.

QUOTE=sendler]Your Insight would unfortunately be rated poorly today in crash worthiness by the insurance industry and their star ratings.[/QUOTE]

So? Those ratings aren't regulations, they're done by private companies. The fact that they're a selling point for some people is really no different from some people's desire to drive around in oversized gas-guzzlers.

OTOH, if it weren't for certain regulations, I expect we'd still be driving around in cars with carbs, changing spark plugs every 10K miles, filing & gapping ignition points, hoping the automatic choke would let us start on cold days...
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