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Even though your speeds aren't consistently very high, I think you still would benefit from better aero.

There's a lot of air hitting your chest and helmet because to the upright riding position. Lower handlebars and/or a small fairing to divert the air around you would help.

A non-o-ring chain may help also. If you put it up on the center-stand and spin the rear wheel you would get some idea of the amount of drag you are getting with the current set-up. If it's anything but pretty decent you would most likely see improvements with a new non-o-ring chain.

I would also go to a 30-grade synthetic cycle oil, or at least Rotella T6 5W-40, which is on the low end of the 40-grade and is superior to conventional oil in every way, especially in an air-cooled engine like the CM.

As far as technique, I would try to get your accelerating done in a shorter time and into top gear (or the appropriate cruising gear) asap. When the cruising speeds are low, top gear may even be too high and might cause you to open the throttle more that necessary. Moderate RPMs and small throttle openings are better than low RPMs and larger openings.

You may want to go through the carbs also. There may be improvements from getting your idle mixture optimized by adjusting the idle mixture screws.

Ethanol-free gas will improve mileage, and is generally better for an older engine and fuel system, but will cost more per mile.

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