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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I'm sure the carbs could have a good look over. They probably could use a good cleaning too. Its never really run great, it has to be warmed up to have good throttle response.

As for the oil, I'm a bit leery of going to a synthetic. The clutch and trans share the motor oil which is specced to be a 40W. I've heard going to synthetic can cause the clutch to slip a bit.
Running the correct synthetic oil, like Rotella (a diesel oil) or a cycle-specific oil, is not going to cause clutch slipping. A synthetic isn't any more "slippery" than conventional oil, it just has a closed molecular structure that makes it stronger and flow better. It also will not breakdown with excessive heat like a conventional oil.

The oils you need to stay away from are current auto oils. In lower grades (20, 30) they have Friction Modifiers (Moly) that can build-up on clutch plates and cause slipping. Even though auto oils in the 40-grade range (10w-40 mostly) don't have Modifiers, they also don't have the amounts of additives (Zinc and Phosphorus aka ZDDP) you want for a cycle engine. ZDDP protects the cams and rockers from galling in certain conditions before there is adequate oil flow - you want it for an engine that doesn't have roller rockers.

You shouldn't have any issues with Rotella T6 5W-40 if your clutch is currently working properly. It's going to give you better mileage and protect the engine better - and it's not expensive. I run it in many of my cycles, even my older ones, without a problem.
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