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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
A suite of reasons? Sweet!
among the influencing factors was the swing axle of up to late 70's designs. This meant that the car tended to push on the now near sideways rear wheel, and by the attribute of the swing axle folding it under the car, reducing tyre contact patch and raising the rear of the car and therefore CG even higher, further degrading stability.

Should anything contact the most forward rear tyre at this instant causes a snap roll, even if the driver induces corrective steering it will matter not, the car is bluntly 'out of control'.

If one is lucky, the car will fully invert to traveling backwards, its most stable condition.

Originally Posted by freebeard
The edge case would be the Tatra V8. You established the center of gravity, where is the center of pressure?
because I dont think there is any hope that the center of pressure or center of resistance is going to be anywhere near aft of the the CG, where it needs to be for stability.

Originally Posted by freebeard
Understeer can throw the back end of the car, but it can be controlled by the roll center height front/rear (anti-roll bars), tire cross-section and inflation pressure. This is called tuning.

And how will it ever be stable in reverse when the Ackermann effect is bass ackwards?
I think the outrageous safety record of this car speaks for itself. I know these cars are still popular to this day, and I have owned a few myself. Im quite used to the arguments that somehow the data is wrong and these are cheap to run well 'engineered' cars. But a car that will kill you has no saving graces, its just lethal and unnecessary.
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