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David in Australia with Renault Scenic

Hello guys,

I have a Renault Scenic which is not so economical. More of a track car really and a Celica GT-Four.

The Scenic was meant to be an around town 'slow' car. Then the engine blew and I upgraded it to a RenaultSport engine and it now goes as well as a lot of Turbo cars.

That's ridiculous but true.

Last week I got back from Japan and they are into Toyota Prius. omg, such bodykits and extra things they add to them there.

I guess that made me remember about this site.

2003 Renault Scenic - 30% more power with no loss in fuel economy.
1991 Toyota GT4 - more economical before ST215W engine-swap.
previous: Water-Injected Mitsubishi ~33% improved.
future - probably a Prius
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