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Originally Posted by niky View Post
Waste Veggie Oil was briefly discussed here during the 08-09 oil crisis, but many of the WVO startups have shrivelled up with the return of (relatively) cheap diesel.
Veg oils, either waste or fresh, have never really been taken seriously as a long-term alternative, even though sometimes it's way more cost-effective than both biodiesel and ethanol. The only problem is that it would not be compatible with some modern emissions control systems.

Bamboo bikes are starting to become a thing here... local makers use bamboo struts connected by composite joints made using bamboo fiber in resin... but the joints are very clunky.
I've already seen some bamboo bikes too.

I think bamboo bodies would work from an eco-tourism perspective... the problem is with raw bamboo and abaca weave, it's a labor intensive process. Hemp/bamboo/etcetera composites would probably scale up better.
Bamboo composites would be a great alternative to fiberglass in applications less sensitive to extreme temperatures, it does surprise me that it's not used so widely.
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