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awesome ideas. The only difference being (and you mentioned it below)
Transmission Mods: $1,500 installed. Needed to tolerate the stress of prolonged low RPM (1,450 RPM @ 70 MPH) driving and to allow extensive on-demand coasting.
...A balanced diesel. A v8 does better than anything in the history of diesel, all the way to 16 liters scania truck countries have already called a legend (all common sense to me, I have been tortured by diesels since I was a boy..I sure as heck know what I want. A v8 is pretty darn close to "as good as it gets.")

I love your project, difference bieng, a modern v8 diesel. It will be a modern legend. no doubts about it...

I almost took a v8 diesel project on as a teen..the sick joke was the injection (20 years ago). I never bought it. It was a gm/detroit v8 diesel however..I may seek a project out soon enough.I have seen several threads (this may be a cached repeat? my internet is a flunking tragedy) and all projects did something modernly phenomonal, including a drag car impala beating a lambo in a .25 drag race. I am not amazed. It is about time...
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