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Thanks ChopStix,
I have a VW specific OBD interface, and regularly check for codes etc.
I also tried 'Reset Learned Values' to bring fuel trims to default. No change noticed.

I'm due for a timing belt in about 10k, air filter is relatively new, as is the battery. Plugs were replaced recently, but prior to other repairs. O2 sensors test fine using diagnostics.

That sounds like a similar FE loss, how big a temperature difference do you have in your area?

Regarding general FE, I've avoided going over rec. pressure as my previous car (EG Civic) got a bit skittish on windy roads with +10psi. I'm already using the narrowest/lightest spec'd tyres. That said this car is heavier and has wider tyres so I might get away with it.
I was also considering extending the undertray and various aero tweaks, perhaps even a M/T gearbox oil change (car has 200,000km on it) but wanted to get any underlying problems fixed first.
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