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Yep it's a MAP sensor'd engine. And diagnosing things is fantastic. Think I've done more of it than actual driving in this car

No messing around with the PCV valve itself yet, rather, the breather tube was blowing itself off under pressure due to a missing clip. That relieved pressure by venting outside the engine I guess.

When I was diagnosing the idling issues caused by the old EGR I thoroughly checked all the vac lines, vac check valves and brake booster. No leaks or cracks there.

Old EGR isn't an option. I had to disconnect the cable when it happened to stick in a closed position just to get the car reasonably driveable past warm-up.
New EGR operates fine, can hear it move in diag mode, and the idling issues are gone.
The pipes are a bit of a labyrinth but I had them off to change the valve. Thin but consistent carbon buildup, carb cleaner did nothing to it but the tubes are unobstructed. (Blow through and flexible brush checked).
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