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Shawn D. -

I am 5'4", and after High School I think I weighed in the neighborhood of 125 lbs. At age 42 I weigh about 132 lbs. I would rather be sub 130 lbs, but I'm too busy-lazy to do the work.

I think I was raised to watch my weight since my Dad is a diabetic. Because of that, we always had bland low-calorie food around. As a result, I think I have an aversion to "heavy sugar" foods and I don't really get into the culinary delights (or maybe it's a Calvinistic thing on my part, who knows). If I do "social eating" one day, I usually fast/diet the next. I'm not a health food nut by any means, but I also don't eat much, especially in the context of my sedentary programming job.


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