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Originally Posted by wanderlost
The body would be built from aluminum and carbon fiber. It would be .shaped allot like an insight crossed with a VW beetle.[br]It would be a 2 seater with simple creature comforts like heat and a radio.
detached pontoon fenders:

boat tail strategies with stock fenders

tandem 2-seater

Originally Posted by sidecar
I think you will find that the akin technologies for amateur boat builders and aeroplane construction would offer some useful lessons.
See the boat tails above? Doped fabric over wood ribs, or basalt fiber composites. Howard Hughes 3D plywood:

In addition to the Africar and OX there was the Inrekor flat-pack Beetle chassis:

Without their proprietary manufacturing widgets, this would be one-off-able with modern race car chassis techniques (see Autospeed).

Edit: The 2CV rocker-arm suspension:

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