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I highly doubt additive manufacturing will "eat my lunch".

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I agree with your conclusion, for certain values of 'nuclear' (helium3). Cigarettes were called 'coffin nails' from 1910.

The reason additive manufacturing will eat your lunch is because it saves 95% on energy and materials. The 'advanced climate models' you ask for are here now:

Link Cut
It has it's place, but it will need very expensive energy inputs and far greater rapidity of production to replace even the smallest of what I do. People often tout their 3D printers and yet you are limited by the materials that printer can use and the speed you can produce that printed part. I use 3D printers to make a master model that is used to produce a wax part to be used in the thousands of year old art of lost wax molding. I can produce hundreds of parts in hundreds of metal alloys in the fraction of time a room full of 3D printers would need currently. Yes, there are sintering metal printers. But have you seen the cost and energy consumption of some of those printers? Go out to Westec or some such manufacturing convention and somebody will sell you a system for the price of your house. If you live along the beach in California. If not, you will need a loan.

Though interesting, that video is hardly a "climate model". It is applicable to climatology but certainly not a model.

And advanced nuclear fission can bridge us to the fusion age without resorting to having to collect or produce such a diffuse material such as Helium3.

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