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I keep up with a broad spectrum of manufacturing schemes because I must.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Atomic diffusion printing allows differing alloys in different areas of the same part. To sub-micron scale. A big part of it is the ability to include voids to reduce weight and materials without loss of strength.

The video is the tip of an iceberg; I'll refer you to Permalink #81 and #86.

I was kidding about Helium3. I'm skeptical of fusion power schemes; they are all premised on the Sun being driven by a fusion reaction. And that's wrong.
What you speak of is plausible but not anywhere near production level and won't be for some time, and when it is, are you telling me you require such technology to make a simple machine component? I see additive metal printing being used in aerospace and certain biomedical applications, but I highly doubt it will penetrate the everyday as the material and design needs of the common consumer market hardly needs such specifications and electronics fabrication is already approaching the molecular limits.

If you think the sun runs on other than a fusion reaction, then pray tell, what does run the sun? If you are saying there are no fusion reactions then you are on a different astral plane than the rest of us. If you are saying there are no possibilities for a practical fusion power base, I think that is a question the next generation will grapple with, but as I end my life here in this century there is certainly more than enough fissionable material to bridge us through more than a thousand years of human civilization and the very plausible ability to make fusion a common tool.