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Okay so on my Silver G1 I put three aero panels under the back. One of them was really huge compared to the other two. I still have the measurements so I could duplicate it.

But I'm wondering what I should do for max FE? Ecky for example put big sheets that go under the whole body of the car.

A thought was I could use coroplast I have left over from the Black G2 to recreate the old G1 pan. Then, because it attaches easily, I could do some ABA testing. A testing regimen would be like I accelerate to 10 mph then throw it in neutral and see how far the car goes before stopping. But aero drag is most prevalant at higher speeds. I could try like getting to 40 then at a certain point on a road I could throw it in neutral and see how far it travels before hitting like 25. But then I'd need to be going down this road quite a few times with no traffic there. I'd also need a suitable road.

Anyone have any ideas how I can test?
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